What problems should be paid attention to when transporting dangerous goods?


Any corrosive, natural, flammable, toxic, explosive, etc. It is easy to cause casualties and property losses during transportation, loading and unloading, storage and transportation. They are dangerous goods. Dangerous goods have special physical and chemical properties. If the transportation is not properly protected, accidents are likely to occur, and the consequences are more serious than ordinary vehicle accidents. Therefore, in order to ensure safety, the following six points should be noted:

1. Note that dangerous goods shall be packed safely according to their nature, transportation distance and road conditions before transportation. The package must be firm and tight, with clear, standard and easy to identify marks on the package.

2. Pay attention to roads, lights, signs, fire-fighting facilities, etc. Loading and unloading site for loading and unloading dangerous goods. When loading and unloading dangerous goods, cars should be parked in the open air. Loading and unloading workers shall pay attention to their own protection and wear necessary protective equipment. Strictly abide by the operating procedures, load and unload with care, and it is strictly prohibited to fall, hit, roll over, weigh and invert. The goods that are afraid of moisture shall be covered with canopy cloth, and the goods must be stacked neatly and bundled firmly. Different dangerous goods, such as wires and explosives, cannot be mixed in the same vehicle. Don't load the same car.

3. It shall be noted that suitable vehicles must be used for the transportation of dangerous goods. Explosives, primary oxidants and organic oxides shall not be transported by train, tricycle, motorcycle, tricycle or bicycle; Do not use tractors to transport oxidants, organic peroxides and Class I flammable products. Except for Class II fixed dangerous goods, other dangerous goods shall not be transported by dump trucks.

4. Pay attention to fire prevention and avoid fire. Use tools that will not produce sparks during loading and unloading of dangerous goods. No smoking in the compartment. Vehicles shall not be close to places exposed to open fire, high temperature and sunlight. Oil tankers transporting oil shall be installed on the ground when parking and loading and unloading. When driving, touch the grounding wire to prevent static fire.

5. Pay attention to the vehicles driving and transporting dangerous goods and the signs specified in GB13392-92 [0x9a8b]. The operation of vehicles must strictly comply with traffic, fire control, public security and other laws and regulations. The vehicle speed shall be controlled to keep a distance from the vehicle in front. Slow down in advance to avoid emergency braking. It is strictly prohibited to overtake in violation of regulations to ensure driving safety.

6. Pay attention to the leakage of dangerous goods during transportation, and properly handle according to the different properties of dangerous goods. When explosives are scattered, they should be moved to a safe place, repaired or replaced, and the leaked explosives should be soaked in water in time. Ask local public security firefighters for treatment; Move it to a ventilated area and water the leaking cylinder to cool it down; When liquid ammonia leaks, it can be immersed in water. Other toxic gases shall be immersed in lime water. When flammable and solid articles are scattered, the scattered packages should be moved to a safe place quickly. After yellow phosphorus is sprinkled, it shall be immersed in water immediately. Metal sodium, potassium, etc. Must be immersed in an iron bucket containing kerosene or anhydrous liquid. In case of leakage, the leaking part shall be timely upward, and the package shall be repaired or replaced in a safe and ventilated place.

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