Five Advantages of Container Transportation


How to speed up the circulation process, reduce the circulation cost, save the logistics labor consumption, realize the rapid, low consumption, efficient and efficient completion of the transportation production process, and deliver the goods to the destination to the consignee. This requires the change of transportation mode. Make it an efficient, fast and high-quality transportation mode, and container transportation is such a transportation mode. It has the following characteristics.

1. Efficient transportation mode

  • Simplify packaging and save a lot of packaging costs. In order to avoid damage during transportation, it is necessary to have a solid package. The container itself is a fine package due to its strong and sealed characteristics. The use of containers can simplify packaging, and some even do not need packaging, thus realizing the unpackaged transportation of ordinary goods, which can greatly save packaging costs.

  • Reduce the loss of goods and improve the quality of goods. Because the container is a solid sealed box, the container itself is a solid package. After the goods are packed and lead sealed, they do not need to be disassembled on the road. Even after long-distance transportation or replacement, it is not easy to damage the goods in the box. Dynamic container transport can reduce losses and differences caused by theft, dampness, pollution, etc. It is welcomed by cargo owners and shipping companies. Moreover, it reduces the loss and price difference of commodities, reduces the waste of social wealth, and brings huge social benefits.

  • Reduce operating costs and transportation costs. As the container handling is basically not affected by bad weather, the ship's non productive Hou Ting time is shortened, the handling efficiency is high, and the handling time is shortened. For the shipping company, it can improve the navigation rate and reduce the shipping cost. For ports, the throughput and revenue can be increased.

2. Efficient transportation mode

The traditional transportation mode has shortcomings, such as high labor intensity, low loading and unloading efficiency, and slow ship turnover. Container transportation has completely changed this situation.

First of all, the handling capacity of ordinary cargo ships is about 35 tons per hour, while that of containers is about 400 tons per hour, greatly improving the handling efficiency. At the same time, due to the high degree of container loading and unloading mechanization, the number of loading and unloading workers required by each team is small, and the average labor productivity of each worker is greatly improved.

In addition, due to the high efficiency of container handling and the small climate, the time for ships to stop at the port is greatly shortened. Therefore, the sailing time of the ship is shortened, the weekly rotation of the ship is accelerated, the navigation rate is greatly improved, and the production efficiency of the ship is improved. This improves the ship's transport capacity. Without increasing the number of ships, more transportation can be completed, the income of shipping companies can be increased, and high efficiency drives high efficiency.

3. High investment transportation mode

Secondly, the investment in container transport is also considerable. The terminal facilities of special container berth include terminal line and wharf apron, freight yard, freight station, maintenance workshop, control tower, gate and container handling machinery.

In addition, container multimodal transport must have corresponding internal facilities and inland freight stations. Supporting construction shall include new construction, expansion, reconstruction and renewal of existing roads, railways, bridges and culverts. This kind of investment is amazing! It can be seen that without sufficient funds for container transportation, it is difficult to achieve containerization. We must act according to the national strength and finally achieve containerization.

4. Highly cooperative transportation mode

Container transportation is a complex transportation system project, involving a wide range of aspects, many links and great influence. The container transport system includes units and departments related to container transport such as maritime transport, land transport, air transport, ports, freight stations, customs, customs, shipping agents, freight forwarders, etc. If they can't cooperate well, they will affect the function of the whole transportation system. If a link fails, the overall situation will be affected, and even the transportation production will be stopped and interrupted. Therefore, the cooperation of all departments of the whole transportation system is required.

5. Suitable for organizing multimodal transport

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